Messy is Better // Braid Crown How-To

I am not extremely organized. In a way, all my drawers could be considered junk drawers...because there is at least some amount of random junk in each one.  My purse tends to be about half full of receipts and I'll make the bed about 30% of the time. I'd love to pretend that I can keep my closet  in order and clothes don't pile up in corners every other week or so- but really, I'm just a little messy.


In some ways, I do plan to grow up and make my bed like a real life adult, but in other ways--messy is just my style. Like when you don't think too hard about an outfit and end up pairing the perfect old tee with just the right skirt, or when you quickly apply makeup with the tips of your fingers and it looks easy and fresh.

The word "effortless" is thrown around a lot in the beauty industry. Most of the time, it means "A high quality product that you can buy and use with precision so it looks like none of that ever happened". So instead of buying some "effortless" product, let's try to remember to be confident in our own skin - even with a bit of dishevelment. Let's embrace the flyaways and the imperfect part. You look awesome. 

Thus, my favorite hairstyle of all time is the messy crown braid. Once you get the hang of the braid it comes pretty easy and it looks best when it's done imperfectly. Dirty hair holds the look great. Clean hair gets fun waves when you take it out. 



Try it with a middle part, or try a regular french braid instead of a reverse one (by the way, learn to reverse/Dutch braid here!). The most important part is to keep it a little messy.