Sleep for the Sleepless // DIY Relaxing Sachets


It’s that melancholy time of night- when the previous day and the morning are both far enough away to analyze. It can be a time for decompression and self-reflection, but if you are like me, it easily turns into a portal for anxiety and sleeplessness.

Sleeplessness- such a beautiful word. It wakes the tongue and shivers down the spine like a restless night. I'll recognize it the moment I lay down, the feeling of mental churning and the rhythm of blood flow, and know that sleep will be hard to come by. 

Sleep has never been easy for me, anticipation, stress, or lingering anxieties will trigger hours, if not a full night, of active consciousness. But I've slowly gotten better at tracking these triggers preventing them. 

Sleep for the Sleepless,

or how to fall asleep.

-Don’t work in bed. I still do this occasionally and it’s always a problem. If you tell your brain that your bed is a workspace, it's harder to differentiate your energy levels in each.

-Wind down. Give yourself at least 1.5 hours of stress free activities: like reading, visiting with family, watching a movie, or getting ready for bed.

-Bedtime routine. For me, routine and habit tell my body it’s time for sleep: brushing my teeth, washing my face and feet (I go barefoot outside a lot), and making a cup of tea.

-Journaling and reflection. Because I am a list maker and day planner, if I start to plan out the next day or focus on what needs to get done, this starts working my brain into full problem-solving mode. Instead, I try to focus on reflections, dreams, and ideas.

-Senses. A recent self discovery was realizing my hypersensitivity to environment and then putting it to use. Smell effects my mood, so I’ve started to infuse lavender and chamomile into my nighttime routine. This includes using a homemade, lavender/tea tree facial oil and scenting my pjs and bedsheets with organic sachets.


DIY Lavender Sachets

Makes 4
PS, an organic, lavender-chamomile sachet is included with every order from the Shop!

You need:
-100% cotton fabric (feel free to use an old tee shirt)
-4 Tablespoons lavender flowers|
-4 Tablespoons chamomile flowers (cut open tea bags or buy in bulk)

Mix lavender and chamomile flowers in a bowl.

Cut out eight 4” squares in the cotton. Place one square on top of another and sew or serge around 3 edges, creating a pocket. Fill each pocket with 2 Tablespoons of the flower mixture and carefully sew or serge the last edge closed.

To use, throw a sachet into the drier with pajamas and bedsheets and keep a couple in your clothing drawers.