Thicket and Thistle

Let's follow

the adventures in our soul

and the excited flutter

of dreams made real.


Welcome to Thicket and Thistle! This is the start of a project I've been dreaming up for a while now- a place for dreams, adventures, and handmade textiles. 

My hands are usually busy with cooking, sewing, crafting, or writing- so I am excited to share my projects with you. Stay tuned for recipes, ramblings, and memories. 


In the shop now are a collection of handmade shorts created from vintage scarves. I sourced each scarf from vintage shops and thrift stores, then hand washed them in organic castile soap to remove residue.


Each pair is serged, topstitched and finished with a unique vintage button closure.

Coming soon: hand-dyed textiles made from foraged ingredients!